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Katie and Jay...Local Club Heroes

Did you hear the news? On Tuesday, July 4th, Jay and Katie were swimming at the Club Pool with their family. They heard some barking and yipping down by the creek bed by the old apple tree and golf area. They said, "Dad, we are going over to find out what is causing that noise".

Jay opened the gate, and they ran down to the creek to find a small doggie. The frighten little pup with his paws covered with rocks and mud was very happy when the children found him. Jay and Katie brought the doggie back to the pool. A telephone call was made to owners who lived on State Rt. 30. About an hour or so later the owner came by to pick-up her dog, Dusty, who was discovered missing on July 3, 2017.

Dusty was off on his own for about 30 hours. The owner was overjoyed that Katie and Jay found her doggie, and an undisclosed reward is pending at the time of this posting. Congratulations to Jay and Katie!!

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